About Us


  • Provide an analysis of the fiscal health of any small or medium-sized business, utilizing a small team of contract consultants to help a business identify its weak points and strengths, and then offer solutions to the issues identified.
  • Assist companies with debt issues involving landlords, banks, other lenders, suppliers, credit card companies and others to deal with debt issues and, in many cases, to negotiate reasonable moratoriums and debt settlements with creditors.
  • Offer out-of-court creditor arrangements, which many times involves working with the client as if it is a Chapter 11 debtor, but without the cost or restrictions of a Chapter 11 administration;  this is designed to help a company regain its financial health by holding creditors in check while a plan is developed and implemented to resolve the company debt.
  • Help Bankruptcy counsel develop a client’s Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization and assist the company to obtain the required creditor consents to confirm the Plan.
  • Generate custom business and strategic plans for start-ups and ongoing operations, working directly with the client’s management team; this service benefits  those seeking equity investors and/or new borrowing opportunities, and includes periodic reviews/updates of business and strategic plans in which there is no issue related to the resolution of debt or the raising of new capital.


  • Provide personal debt management that involves secured and unsecured lines of credit, credit card obligations and issues related to personal guarantees; this service generally involves direct telephonic contact with each creditor.  Our rate of success is nearly complete in reaching favorable cash settlements (when the client has access to some settlement funds) or reduced payment schedules.


  • Offer economic development services to cities and counties on a contract basis.
  • Provide representation of land use clients with local government.