Anatomy of a Modern Successful Business

Some would say that it is not the most creative, innovative businesses that succeed.  Instead, frequently, the businesses that thrive are those run by people who are too stubborn to give up on their dream and people who go out of their way to find out what does work rather than clinging to a business model that is simply going nowhere.  

Sometimes all a business needs is a little direction, and that’s where the expertise of business consultants can come in.  Just as you would not attempt to rewire your building without proper training, economic development consultants can help you develop the know-how to "rewire" your business practices in a way that makes them work. 

Becoming a successful business means understanding when your company is up against a brick wall.  For example, Twitter began as a company called Odeo.  Odeo was intended to be a podcast subscription company, but failed after Apple launched its iTunes.  The giant Flickr, Yahoo’s photo management and hosting site, started out as an online multi-player game that ended up changing directions.  The point is, both companies refused to give up and have gone on to be wildly successful.  

At Vision Economics we find that most businesses are on the right track but simply need tools to help them gain traction, and that’s what we are here for.  Perhaps a business plan review is warranted, a financial review, a systems tune-up, review of inventory control issues, consideration of new marketing and advertising needs, staffing and human resource needs, whatever the list is of needs is, we can help you address them.   Call us today!  

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