Business Changes: The Last 10 Years

Thanks to many factors, some economic and some technologic, business strategies as well as business techniques have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Much of the nature of these changes has led to significant alterations in the ways in which business operations are conducted as it relates to connecting with, and keeping customers.

Granted, economic factors, especially the 2008-2011 Recession have altered and limited the scope of some ways business have functioned in the past.  Most interesting and even most exciting, however, the change in technology has changed the face of business and how we operate.  Since 2002, internet connectivity in the home and in the workplace has expanded almost exponentially, changing the main focus of advertising from television, radio and print media to online media. While ad placement on websites has been a main focus, sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others have become extremely significant in terms of branding and with customer interaction.

To get the most out of the changes that have occurred, your business model and your operational focus needs to change as well.  For example, a new or revised business or strategic plan may be needed.  As well, a public relations and/or advertising makeover may be warranted (please see our blog article from Nancy Mayerson on this subject).  Working with business consultants like those with Vision Economics, located in the Camarillo, CA area, enables you to become flexible enough to keep up with current market and business trends. With reliable and experienced business consultants, your business can reach new levels of success in ways that were not even dreamed of 10 years ago.

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