California is on the way Back!

California is on the way Back!

In 2008 the heartbeat of the United States economic system stopped beating. The incident was for a short duration, and slowly the economy has gone from critical condition to fair condition.

Experts at the federal level look at the statistics for each state, adjust them where necessary for unusual events and then issue monthly reports regarding labor, productivity, and other key indicators of the economy’s health.

The economy of the United States is made up of the economies of each of the fifty states.  California’s economic recovery has been solid. Four key indicators show that growth has been steady, although at a modest rate.   The sectors that are performing well include:

  • Unemployment Rate: At 1.9 percent, California’s unemployment rate fell by more than any other state in the past year.  This was 2.5 times greater than the national average of 0.8 percent;
  • Private Sector Growth. On September 20th, 2013, Bruce Stenslie, president/CEO, Economic Development Collaborative-Ventura County said that an important feature of California’s economic recovery is that it is led by the Private Sector, not government. The jobs being added are permanent positions.  For the year ending July 31, 2013 nearly a quarter of a million non-farm payroll jobs were added, averaging 20,500 jobs each month;
  • Growth is Continuous. For 25 months California has enjoyed uninterrupted, albeit moderate economic growth;
  • Growth is Diverse: Every sector of the California economy has grown with the exception of government. This sets the state up for future tough economic times as all sectors are strong.  If one sector stumbles, the rest of the economy should not.

Is Your Business Keeping Up?

Vision Economics is a Southern California consultancy that works with California’s public sector on Economic Development.  Our public sector practice looks at every aspect of involving a business’s move to and operations in a particular area.  We then distil that information into actionable information in three areas: employee housing, Business improvement zones, and Economic Development plans. In addition to these services that we provide to the Public Sector, Vision Economics works with the private sector.

We help also private sector companies manage crises. Responding quickly to bad news about your company can be the difference between a company surviving and one that fails.  Our firm also provides strategic solutions that work in real world situations, not just on paper.

Corporate and Transactional services provided by us makes your formation in any state easier. We handle the paperwork to make sure your formation goes smoothly and we negotiate contracts and leases to your advantage.

California is ranked in the top ten states for business in the United States. Let us show you how to leverage California’s resilient economy to your company’s or community’s service.

Our name is Vision Economics and our partners are well recognized as experts in their respective fields, whether it is in the public sector or private sector.   If you want your community to flourish as a business center or have a company poised to take off, call Vision Economics at (805) 987-7322 and find out how we can help!

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