You Have to Love it – Mighty Elk Grove, CA Fights Back Against the Texas Intrusion

From the Sacramento Business Journal
Edited by Gary Wartik
March 12, 2014

We at Vision Economics really enjoyed this item from a recent Sacramento Business Journal article that ran in a recent edition of the Houston Business Journal.  One may conclude that it was a bit of tongue-in-cheek, but that is okay.  The real message was aimed at Gov. Rick Perry, the Texas poacher-in-chief, suggesting that he stay in Texas and try growing the Texas business base organically, and stop poaching in California.

Elk Grove is a fast growing city of 159,000 people in southern Sacramento County.  According to Mayor Gary Davis, the ad was “….a pride thing. We figured this was a good way to strike back and make a point and if you come after California jobs, we’re going to come back at you.”  The ad makes some cheeky references to Texas stereotypes, advertising Elk Grove’s “big trucks” and low cost of living.  Elk Grove officials, however say they are completely serious about encouraging businesses relocations there — from Texas, California, anywhere, really.

Good going Elk Grove!  Thanks for standing up for California.

Elk Grove

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