Small Business

Strategic Support and Real-World Solutions

As a one-stop resource, Vision Economics brings clients the talent for in-depth analysis on key issues. Our full-service approach means holistic strategies based on our broad perspective and years of business experience. We lay a solid foundation for long-term success. We also provide critical assistance to avert or allay crises.

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Vision Economics fulfills that urgent need of businesses and professionals who may be looking at set needs of an operational stand-point, may require a financial tune-up, exploring expansion, or reviewing strategies to re-energize lost sales and/or profits and tackle newly acquired and deepening debt levels.  Vision Economics will, upon request, assess the options a potential client may be facing, and provide solid solutions.  And, for someone looking to start a business, Vision Economics provides the needed expertise in business planning, and excellent connections to relationships with local banks who might assist in new business financing.

The real key to saving any business of any size is to seek assistance early in the process rather than later when a situation may begin spinning out of control.  The longer a business tries to “wait it out”, the less options they will find available to remedy that situation.

During the last two years of service, Vision Economics has been able to resolve more than $15 million in business debt without use of any court process.  And as a result of their efforts, Vision Economic’s  clients enjoy cost-effective assistance to help their individual companies grow and prosper.

Simply put… Vision Economics offers specific services that create efficiencies and deliver value to business owners by assisting with basic legal matters and business services.

Business and Strategic Planning

  • Preparation of Business & Strategic Plans
  • Business Assessment and Guidance for Growth

Crisis Management

  • Management of Debtor-Creditor Relations
  • Business Reorganization and Turnarounds
  • Crisis  Management
  • Chapter 11 and 12 Plans
  • Funding Assistance