Technology: A Business Game-Changer For The Last Decade

If you have been following business trends  during the last 10 years, you can see how some technological changes have had a huge impact in virtually every aspect of business. A decade ago, the main focus of business was still the brick-and-mortar facility, with little emphasis on the internet. Today, business and technology are being used hand in glove with the internet, not only to provide a point of contact for new and prospective customers, but as a mainstay of customer relations and sales.

As recently as the year 2000, email was a rarity for many people.  Social networking was in its infancy.  Search engines were beginning to become popular as business and social tools. With ever expanding internet connectivity, faster speeds, cheaper prices and more reliable connections, not only has email become ubiquitous, but social media has become ever more present in users’ psyches. Search engines have become a major business tool, and if a business doesn’t have a website, that business has fallen behind the competition.

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