Ten Keys to Creating Effective Public Relations

Ten Keys to Creating Effective Public Relations 

Written by Nancy Mayerson

There are few companies or even public agencies that would not benefit from a good marketing plan, along with a quality public or customer outreach plan to attain one’s specific goals. To be successful, any strategic marketing plan must include a solid public relations campaign. PR delivers your key message to target audiences via verbal or written communications, using mass media or personal contact, and it is the most effective way to manage relationships between an organization and its audience. A well-designed public relations plan will create an image, a reputation and a relationship with the people you want to reach.

There are 10 key components of an effective PR campaign and some simple questions specific to your business or mission’s goals that you will want to consider when creating your plan. Begin with an understanding of how you are perceived, including how you relate to the public, how that impression was created and whether inconsistencies exist with your image. Next, define your target audience and establish realistic goals, including better name recognition, a good reputation and the right relationships that open doors. In other words, “win friends, influence people.”

Carefully choose the right media outlets for your target audience, employing a mix of PR tactics that include news releases, feature stories, radio interviews and more. Research print, radio, TV, blogs and email, consumer press, special events and networking—selecting the outlets that are the right fit for your business and audience. Then ensure that your communications are newsworthy, timely and topical with a human interest or unusual hook. Test your concept, be creative and remember to provide useful information in your business message.

Once established, be true to your marketing goals and ready for the second act. To be effective, PR must be a long-term commitment, so stay proactive, focusing on outcomes with consistent messaging to your target audience, while remembering to tie back to your product and build support for your business. When you see results, persevere with additional marketing efforts. Above all, be truthful, timely and patient.

Finally, keep in mind that in order to get, you must give. When creating a PR campaign, be a part of your community. Operate beyond business or public agency goals for the greater good and the reward will be a great relationship with the public or your targeted customer base.

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